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Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Your daughter is ready for a new bedroom. And what your little princess wants, she usually gets. If you’re stumped for design ideas, you’ve come to the right place. The Home Decorating Co. offers plenty of comfortable, affordable bedding options that make a great base to build an entire room from. We can supply the furniture and fashionable accents – the design is up to you!

Here is a trio of chic bedroom ideas that any girl will love.

Posh Princess Palace

Let’s face it – every girl has dreamed of becoming a princess. With a royal-themed makeover, you can turn any bedroom into a worthy retreat. Colors and fabric types work in harmony for this type of room; think bold pink hues paired with a billowy cotton comforter. If you’re going the royal bedroom route, try our Royal Princess bedding collection, with style and support fit for a queen. With this comforter, every night is truly happily ever after!

princess bedding

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The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Size Chart

Guide to Bedding Size Chart

Guide to Bedding Size Chart

The Ultimate Guide to Bedding Size Chart

When it comes to selecting the best bedding for your cozy place of rest, size is everything. You don’t want a too small comforter or an enormously large bedspread, as that would completely hinder your comfort and upset your ability to sleep well. Customizing your bedding to your liking has no set rules, so feel free to get creative, layering several different blankets and blanket types.

A bedspread and comforter can be used interchangeably, but they are two distinct types of blankets. A bedspread is generally larger, intended to cover the entire bed and possibly go down as far as the floor. For example, a full bed mattress measures 54” x 75”, and a full bedspread should measure 96” x 110”. A California king, the largest of all mattresses, is 72” x 84”, and the corresponding bedspread should be 114” x 120”. Bedspreads generally don’t offer as much warmth as a comforter, which should be made of a thicker material and fit the bed differently. A full-size comforter should measure 100” x 106”, while a California king should be 114” x 106”. Comforters are meant for warmth and comfort more than full coverage and attractiveness. An additional blanket option, a quilt, is generally smaller than the other blanket types and is purely for ornamental reasons and, if necessary, extra warmth in colder months. A full size mattress requires a quilt that is 80” x 80”, and a quilt for a California king should be 94” x 104”.

While any blanket option can suit your preferences and meet your needs, make sure you choose the proper size for each different blanket type to perfectly fit your size mattress.


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What Is Your Design Style?

With so many terms being used in the design world today, it can be hard to understand what all the different styles really represent. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular design styles and what they really mean.


Clean lines and solid colors define this design style. Neutral bases with loud, colored accents are common, as is low furniture and simple designs. Plain shapes are key, and minimal accessories and smoother, calmer surfaces are also important factors in contemporary designs.

contemporary style

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Home Decorating Company’s Bedding Selection now Includes Sferra –

Sferra Avery Bedding

Sferra Avery Bedding

At Home Decorating Company, we’re always looking to provide you with the best possible selection. Some of our merchandise offers exceptional value, while other products are known for superior quality. When it comes to luxury, however, there’s one brand above all the others – Sferra.

We’re proud to announce that we’re now selling high-end bedding products from legendary Italian manufacturer Sferra.

Direct from Italy and into Your Bedroom!

The company was founded in 1891 by pioneering designer Gennaro Sferra. Specializing in delicate Venetian lace cuffs, Sferra quickly gained a foothold in the United States.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Sferra family expanded their original line of cuffs and embellishments to include the most luxurious linens of the mid-20th century, including the very finest fabrics from Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and France. Sferra soon became the preferred supplier of fine linens and bedding products for upscale homes and many glamorous hotels. Continue reading

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Marvelous Holiday Decorating Tips for 2014

While there are some holiday decorations that remain constant through the years, like your first ornament/dreidel or grandma’s vintage nativity scene/menorah; sometimes you want to freshen up your seasonal décor with a beautiful new look. To help inspire you this year, we’ve asked some of the most creative minds in home design for their insight on the latest trends in holiday style. Get ready to deck the halls with the most marvelous holiday decorating tips for 2014. burning christmas lanterns and decoration background

Contemporary Holiday Colors

Many designers are shifting to rustic charm and metallic tones this holiday season. Kelsey Wells, president and chief designer of The Wells Collection, suggests giving the traditional red/green combo a rest:  “Instead of traditional holiday colors, you will see holiday decor in all neutrals- whites, silver, gold, creams, greys, etc., with accents through texture as opposed to color.” Continue reading

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Ultimate Bedding Guide: Which Bedspread is just right for you?

When choosing the bedding for your room, you may think one blanket is just like another, but this isn’t the case at all. It’s important to understand your options when trying to decide on what type of blanket will meet your needs the best and stay within your budget. Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know for Designing Your Bedroom

Designing and decorating your bedroom is exciting. You want to create a space that not only looks great, but promotes relaxation, comfort, and functions well for your needs. Even while on a budget, you’re able to design the bedroom of your dreams with just a few simple tricks.

Beddinglodge decor6

Choosing the right bedding is one of the single most important aspects of designing a great bedroom. The comforter, bedspread, or quilt you choose not only adds to the appeal of a room, but also offers a luxurious spot to sleep and relax. There are many colorful bedspreads and comforters to choose from, each offering the perfect touch to your bedroom. Continue reading

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How to Measure a Curtain

Curtains not only add privacy to a room, but they can also be the perfect final touch to complete the appearance of a room. However, simple mistakes when measuring your curtains can lead to a huge headache as you spend time and money hanging them just to find out your measurements were wrong. By taking a minute to properly measure your window, you’ll avoid common mistakes when you go to hang your curtains. All you’ll need is a tape measure, pencil, and a piece of paper.

Luxurious StylesHow to Measure a Curtain

How you measure your window depends on the type of look you want. For the luxurious look, you want your curtains to be hung as close to the ceiling as possible, while leaving enough length to allow them to flow to the floor. To accomplish this, you’ll measure above your window as close to the ceiling as you can get down to the floor, then add 8 to 10 extra inches. To find the ideal width, measure the width of the window and multiply by three.

Traditional StylesHow to Measure a Curtain

To measure curtains for the classic tailored look, you’ll want to hang your curtains about 6 inches above the window frame, but three inches beyond the window frame on the bottom, but this can be adjusted depending on how long you want the curtains to hang. Measure the width of the window and add one half inches of the width to increase the fullness of the curtains; thus, helping to hide the window frame.

Contemporary StylesHow to Measure a Curtain

To achieve the contemporary look where the curtains touch the floor, you’ll measure from 6 inches above the top of the windrow frame to 1 inch above the floor. Next, measure the width of the window and add one half to three times more inches depending on the level of fullness you want.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher you hang your curtains, the more inches in width you’ll want to add to achieve the ideal look. It’s also best to use a metal tape measure instead of a fabric tape measure, which can bend, causing inaccurate measurements.

Add style and privacy to your room by taking the necessary steps to properly measure your window for curtains.

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Shabby Chic Decor & Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

What is Shabby Chic Decor? 

Shabby Chic Decor originated in Great Britain and became a popular bohemian style in the 1980s, thanks to the talented Rachel Ashwell. Shabby Chic decor is marked by vintage accessories, distressed furniture, and a comfortable elegance. The style is often described as cottage, romantic, rustic, French country, coastal, and English country.  Recycling old pieces and fabrics is an integral part of the style. In this way, every piece of Shabby Chic decor is considered to be a piece of art. The style draws inspiration from many different sources throughout history, including  influences from 18th century Swedish paintings, the French Chateau movement and the American Shakers.

Antique furniture is often used to achieve this style, but new furniture can also be distressed to get that elegantly worn look. New furniture with retro accents like floral prints, antiqued hardware, garlands, cherubs, and flowers swags are an easy way to add a cozy feminine feeling to your home. Shabby Chic colors tend to be pure whites and pastels that have been bleached or faded. Cottons and linens are used to imitate the effect of old French linens, and can be stained with tea to appear aged without damaging the fibers.

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

Walls & Colors

Shabby Chic colors are pastels, pure whites, and soft neutral colors (like rose pink, buff beige, and robin egg blue). Wall paneling with vintage floral prints, such as roses, are both popular and timeless. Delicate patterns like polka-dots, thin stripes, and lace on wallpaper is a modern way to incorporate the unassuming grace of this style.


Shabby Chic Color Palette


Wood paneled floors, in white or natural colors, are a classic aspect of Shabby Chic style. Old barn wood can be repurposed into casually lovely flooring. To finish off the look, plush carpets with oriental patterns and classic floral prints add a posh touch. Hand woven rugs in soft colors can also make a Shabby Chic room warm and inviting.


Distressed Chair


Antique pieces are best for this style, particularly anything with distressed styling and classic lines. True antiques often have spots were old layers of paint show through the top layer, giving the piece a rustic look. This can be recreated on modern furniture by distressing the finish of a piece. Classic pieces like china cabinets, pie safes, and jelly cupboards are useful and beautifully vintage. Furniture can be given an easy makeover with appliques of garlands, roses, cherubs, or lace.  An easy rule for Shabby Chic furniture is that you can never go wrong with white. Clean lines and delicate detail is the key. This beautiful piece is the Howard Miller Majestic II curio grandfather clock.


Heirloom Grandfather Clock

Decor and Accents

Pillows made of barkcloth fabric create a vintage feel, while art nouveau pieces perfectly blend elegance and antiquity. Classic vanities and heavily framed mirrors are essential to the Shabby Chic look. Art pieces with a crafty/homemade vibe fit well with the style. Anything that has a vintage or salvaged look can be used as Shabby Chic decor. Vintage advertisements are also a favorite design element.


Country Cottage Mirror & DecorAccents


Linens, lace, and cotton are the best fabrics to use for a Shabby Chic look. The colors can be anything from whites and pastels to solid earth tones. Quilts and hand woven blankets are a warm and inviting way to add a rustic feel. Tea can be used to dye fabric into an antiqued shade without damaging the fibers, plus the fabric will smell like your favorite earl grey! This lovely bedding is the Waterford Delaney set, and it features an intricate muted floral damask pattern. Click Here for a selection Shabby Chic bedding sets including comforters, quilts, duvet covers and bedspreads


Chic Decor Bed Set – Classic Lace & Frills (cute pup too!)

How to Shabby Chic your home.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor

Walls & Windows

The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, so stick with a soft color on the walls to help you unwind. Anything pastel, beige, or ivory would be lovely but not overbearing. Softer colors for the walls means that more elaborate furnishings can take center stage. To add a vintage feel, use a wall paper border with a floral pattern or a delicate filigree. Wall paneling can be used but the pattern needs to be delicate enough that it will not overpower the room. Floral and lace curtains, window treatments and valances also add a rustic style to any room. Click here for Shabby Chic curtains.


Shabby Chic Wall Border


Look for plush carpeting in a pretty floral shade like rose, violet, or a deep ivy green. These colors will offset the lightness of the walls (while hiding stains!). Beige and white will also compliment a Shabby Chic bedroom. Oriental patterned carpets and rugs add a sense of wealth and sophistication. Click here for a selection of Shabby Chic floor and area rugs


Floral Rugs

Bedding & Furniture

Shabby Chic furniture is all about attention to detail. Look for bedframes with fluted legs, sleigh headboards, or metal wrought headboards. A canopy bed with billowing cotton or lace would be a perfect center piece for a rustic bedroom. Quilts, embroidered duvet covers, and crisp linens complete the look, shabby chic bedding collections from luxury bedding designers such Ralph Lauren, Croscill, Laura Ashley and of course Waverly whose classic floral prints epitomize this decor style. Replacing the hardware on your bedside table, dresser, and vanity is a quick way, cheap and affordable way to make furniture look antique. And a large, ornate vanity looks pricey and feminine.


Metal Four Poster Bed & Bedding

Shabby Chic Dining Room Decor  


In dining rooms you can get more daring with your wall colors. A solid color with white trim will look fresh and inviting. Wall décor made of distressed material is an easy way to dress up walls (plus it’s easier to change wall art than paint color when your mood changes).


Farm House Kitchen


Hardwood floors are always stunning, but they really shine with Shabby Chic décor. Wood floors can be kept their natural color, but they also look lovely painted white. Whitewashed wood floors really pop against a bright wall color.


Rustic Floor Lamp


The Shabby Chic style gives you an opportunity to get creative with lighting. Vintage chandeliers and luxurious light fixtures are a fun way to add personality to a dining room. Plus it is a guaranteed conversation starter at your next dinner party.

This particular chandelier is the Waterford Crystal Ashbourne nine armed chandelier.


Waterford Crystal Chandelier


A distressed wooden dining table is necessary for any Shabby Chic dining room. Simple wooden chairs with cushions upholstered in a vintage pattern round out the casually elegant look. A crafty centerpiece of repurposed pieces makes the room more personalized.


Country Cottage Dining Table

Shabby Chic Living & Family Room Decor


A soft pastel wall color keeps the living room feeling light, airy, and fresh.


Shabby Chic Wall Colors


Classic hardwood floors with plush rugs layered over them is simple and decadent.


Oriental Rug


Couches with classic silhouettes and linen upholstery are great for the Shabby Chic look. Layering decadent, crafty pillows over a simple couch strikes a beautiful balance. You can never go wrong with white furniture, but don’t be afraid to splurge on brightly colored and distressed pieces too. If all of the furniture is distressed to the same degree, the colors being different won’t seem off.


French Country Couch


Fun pieces made of salvaged materials, etched glass candleholders, and art nouveau pieces all embody the classy bohemian style of Shabby Chic. The sky is the limit when it comes to Shabby Chic decorations. Decorative, toss and throw pillows are a simple, cheap and affordable way to bring rustic shabby chic style to your couch and sofa. Click here for a selection of shabby chic pillows.


Shabby Chic Wall Decor

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Southwestern Decor & Southwest Home Decorating Ideas

What is Southwestern Home Decor?

Southwestern decor is a reflection of the atmosphere and of Arizona and New Mexico. With accents primarily derived from the Spanish, Mexicans, and Native American Indians rustic lodge decor is characterized by rough textures, earth tones, handcrafted elements, bright and colorful woven fabrics, clay tile roofs, and terra cotta.

If you want to decorate your home with  rustic southwestern and western style, you need to incorporate natural earth colors such as cactus green, adobe and desert hues. Additionally, shots of dusty orange, turquoise, and bright yellow are highly indicative of the southwestern decor style. Hallmarks of a southwest style home feature flat roofs, wide open floor areas, and an extensive, well maintained courtyard or a garden featuring cactus.

Southwestern Decorating Ideas

Walls & Colors

Earthy tones such as terra cotta, brown, cream, white, and tan. Nature colors such as lemon yellow, salmon, slate blue, and forest green.


Most common flooring material is the terra cotta tile in a honey color. Light wood, parquet, stone, or brick flooring are also acceptable. Visual layouts; include a square, brick, or lozenge arrangement. Rugs in Native American Indian patterns and colors can brighten up any room.


Minimal, simple, unpretentious, and natural elements work best. For a log cabin inspiration choose rough wood with decorative carvings, soft leather, and natural textile jackets also work. Alternate seating such as large floor pillows with chevron designs or hammocks in the courtyard add to the overall southwestern decor.

Decor & Accents

Murals, wall art and paintings that reflect a Native American or Navajo  inspired subject. Candles, dried flowers, handmade potteries, animal skins, and the like are all great decorative accents to any southwestern inspired room.


Southwestern Shams & Pillows

How to Decorate Your Home In A Southwestern Style

Southwestern Bedroom Decor

Walls – Since the bedroom is a place of relaxation, the use of soft colors for your walls is a better choice to create a soothing sensation all throughout. Colors such as soft yellow, turquoise, and neutral sand are the best fit for your southwest theme bedroom as these will offset some of your bedroom items with brighter and bolder colors.

Flooring – Hardwood flooring is ideal for a country cabin inspired bedroom along with ceiling beams. Decorate your hardwood flooring with vivid throw rugs in either cactus green, sun-yellow or clay-orange, whichever complements your entire bedroom motif.

Bedding & Furniture – Incorporate vibrant and bold colored comforters , quilts and bedspreads – featuring classic native American patterns and prints such as chevron. And Navajo, American Indian and Mexican styles and colors including rust brown, red and turquoise – from county designers like Carstens, Wooded River, Donna Sharp or Croscill Use rustic western style throw pillows to accent your entire bed. Furniture made of knobby pine would be best or other types of wood will work as long as they keep that natural and textured look. As much as possible, try to maintain the condition of your furniture in its original state for a more natural feel all throughout.


Indian American Bedding Designs

Southwestern Dining Room decor

Walls – Choose soft colors such as neutral sand, cactus green, soft yellow, and turquoise. The softer the color of your walls, the most relaxing and complementing it can be to the rest of the dining room. Accent your wall with some vividly colored sideboards or hutches for an added southwestern appeal.

Flooring – Whether you have vintage tiles or smooth hardwood flooring in your dining room, always remember to dress it up the rustic style by laying some fancy throw rugs. A nicely textured and colorful rug can be placed under the dining table as it is more likely to have a geometric pattern. Furthermore, a rug gives additional comfort and blend to the overall atmosphere of your dining room.

Lighting – As lighting builds up the overall cabin mood of a dining room, never forget to overlook this part of decor. Some of the most popular center lights include an antler chandelier and a vintage wagon wheel light. Additionally, try to have a dimmer switch to your lighting fixture as this adds up to the feel of the dining area whether you want formal or casual.

Furniture – The dining room table is the central point of any southwestern dining room. A wood dining table with complementing chairs would be the best choice. Whether painted or plainly accented with iron pieces all over, you should remember that the chunkier the table is the better. Refrain from being too meticulous as dents and scars are vital points in adding to the southwestern character that any furniture should have.

Southwestern Family & Dining Room decor

Walls – White walls are the known hallmark of any lodge style. Selecting a shade of white such as Navajo white to add up to the pleasant touch and overall warmth to your living room. While comfort is offered by this shade of color, a Navajo white will also provide the ease of making your living room feel larger rather than closed in.

Flooring – Hardwood flooring or tile-covered southwestern floors are never left open without its traditional rugs. As an essential part of any southwestern decor, the rugs that you should select are usually vivid in colors and contrasting along with various and interesting patterns. Popular colors that can be found in authentic southwestern rugs include turquoise, red, and brown.

Lighting – Choose vintage looking lighting such as rustic metal chandeliers or wood-framed lights. Always try to install a dimmer switch to your living room or any other room as this adds up to the overall southwestern feel whether during a formal or casual event.


Southwestern Lighting

Furniture – Remember that a quality piece of southwestern inspired furniture is characterized by chunky solid woods with a slight vintage feel to it. Add to the comfort of your furniture by choosing soft cushions in bright lively colors such as blues and oranges.



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