How to Care for Your Bath Towels – 5 Tips For Keeping Your Towels Soft, Fluffy & Fresh

How do I get my towels to stay soft and fluffy?

For starters, when you first purchase a bath towel, it has a coating left from manufacturing that produces a soft, silky feeling. Unfortunately, this feeling goes away within a few washes. So dont blame your washing machine or laundry detergent, when your towels lose that soft, fluffy feeling


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The good news? There is a way to fluff up and soften the feel of your towels. By adding ½ a cup of white vinegar in your washers fabric softener dispenser, it removes any extra detergent that is on your towels. Thus, improving the softness of your towels.


Where should I keep my towels?


Although the towels would seem best going in your bathroom, they are best kept in a closet. When a towel is left in a bathroom, the steam that is generated and held in that room keeps the towels moist and does not allow them to dry completely. This is where that musty smell is produced. TIP: When washing your towels with vinegar (as stated above) mix a few drops of colorless essential oil to help them smell better.


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How can I make my towels more absorbent?


It may seem like a great idea to use fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing your towels. But the reality is that extra coating produced by the softeners will form an extra coating on the towel fibers; this film blocks the fibers from absorbing water. TIP: Stick to detergent only.


Why do white spots form on my towels?


Even if you do not put your towels in with bleach, white spots that look the part can still show on your towels that are caused by other factors.  Whitening toothpastes, facial cleansers, and other beauty products could also be the culprit. TIP: Rinse your face completely before you reach for your towel.


When should I replace my towels?

With every wash, your towel loses cotton. This can be seen by the amount of lint collected in the dryer. The best time to replace your towels is within 2-3 years of purchase. After this amount of time your towels will lose their plush feel.

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