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Croscill Bath  

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious and sumptuous retreat with Croscill bath. Choose Croscill bath sets that create a sophisticated bath decor. Croscill bath sets include lotion bottles, tumblers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, cotton jars, tissue covers, wastebasket & tray. Complete your bathroom makeover with Croscill towels in super soft cotton, including Croscill bath towels, bath sheets, fingertip and hand towels. Croscill shower curtains in complimenting designs are Croscill bath sets add a finishing touch, and dont forgot Croscill bath rugs. Croscill bath ensembles create a statement of design from the ordinary and feature rare old world finishes to contemporary textural combinations.

About Croscill Bath Ensembles - For more than five decades, Croscill has turned trends into standards. Traditions into fresh ideas. Croscill has been redefining home fashions since they emerged as the most innovative and fresh-voiced design company in the industry. Croscill�s persistent attention to detail and inventive design has moved them from a company with the humblest of beginnings, to a company that the industry looks to for vision on where home fashion is moving. Croscill�s history with redefining tradition began in 1946, with the introduction of the �Croscilla� window treatment. The unique Croscilla valance appeared similar to the old Priscilla design, but stretched across the entire window and covered the window rod. This fuller, more luxurious form soon became a sought-after standard and the design industry clamored to learn if Croscill was a one-time deal, or if they would continue to turn customary designs into custom-made quality. Croscill did not disappoint designers or consumers. Over the next decades, the company continued to improve traditional window treatment designs. Croscill pioneered mix and match tier kitchen curtains, the Antique Satin drapery program, and the Blouson Valance. All became industry standards.By the late 1960s, Croscill expanded its touch to the bedroom. At the time, comforters came in solid, often dull, colors and were paid little attention. Croscill�s twist on the old convention (by introducing the �Arsenic and Old Lace� patterned comforter) turned the comforter from a necessary but lackluster item to a decorative centerpiece, a springboard for holistic room coordination. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Croscill challenged the way that home decorators thought about room coordination. Pillows, table rounds, lamps, lampshades, wallpaper and wall borders opened the door for countless creative combinations. Croscill was the first to recognize the effect of taking small, functional details like hardware, and when making them with style how it enhanced a room�s atmosphere. Croscill applied this �total room coordination� concept on its inspired line of bathroom accessories, launched in 1993. The result was stunning. It proved that detail matters and that design needs to reach every angle of the room. Croscill had now moved luxury into every corner of the home.Today, the industry still looks to Croscill to set the standards�and everyday, Croscill consistently delivers on its reputation for creating innovative home fashions. Croscill continues to be bold, think broadly, and remembers that It�s in the details!