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Donna Sharp Bedding  

With styles ranging from classic homespun and patchwork quilts to unique contemporary bedding styles and designs, you're sure to find a Donna Sharp quilt bedding collection that fits your bedroom décor. Crafted of the finest materials, Donna Sharp quilts and bedding ensembles are true heirloom quality from start to finish. Available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes, Donna Sharp quilts come with a wide range of accessories to complete the collection, including throw blankets, pillow shams, bedskirts, decorative pillows and draperies.

Donna Sharp quilts are available in Twin, Full/Queen and King sizes, with pillow shams, blankets, bedskirts, decorative pillows and draperies.
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Donna Sharp is the premier brand of quilts, quilt bedding and home decor accessories. Donna Sharp quilts represent a family history of quilting and Donna’s personal drive to build a company built on that tradition and on artisan craftsmanship and classic Americana artistry. The Donna Sharp home decor line includes uniquely designed quilts and accessories that are expertly crafted using custom fabrics.

What makes quilts and bedding from Donna Sharp so unique and special. Donna Sharp quilts feature beautiful designs, quality handcrafting and attention to detail. Donna Sharp is a fifth generation quilter who was hand taught the art of quilting by her mother, and brings her family’s quilting heritage into the design and construction of every quilt - she hand selects her own fabrics, and users her unique decor gift for color and design for this unique American art form.

You may think that machine made quilts don’t have the quality of hand made quilts - well think again - every Donna Sharp quilt cover features twice the normal stitch rate of hand-quilted pieces, which adds strength, beauty and value to each bedding set. Quilt bedding by Donna Sharp are true heirloom quality and are made to be treasured for years to come and handed down from mother to daughter through the generations. Donna’s combines the highest quality fabrics with unique prints and colors blending traditional favorites with innovative styles. From small piecing to intricately detailed borders and reversible backing, Donna’s gift for design is evident every step of the way.

Donna Sharp is not just another bedding company. Her products represent a family history of quilting and Donna Sharp’s personal drive to build a company based on that tradition. In 1981 the family they began hand selecting fabrics, designing patterns and creating custom quilts that they sold to friends, family and at craft shows. After discovering her extraordinary talent for mixing color and creating works of art, Donna recruited Kentucky artisans to create her quilts and started selling them out of the loft of her husband’s floor covering business. Donna quickly became renowned for uniquely designed and quality crafted quilts. Today that small family business has grown into one of the leading quilt designers and manufactures, Donna designs her own fabrics which are artfully combined into unique patterns for quilt bedding, pillows, shams, runner, valances, draperies and more.

Donna Sharp bedding features four primary type of quilts

Donna Sharp Signature Quilts – Signature line quilts are detailed and complex pieces. Each one is an intricate design made with fabrics that are unique to Donna Sharp. Weeks, and even months, are spent in perfecting the layout of fabrics within the design – a process that Donna oversees personally. Once approved for production, each quilt is meticulously made. Thousands of pieces are measured, cut and then stitched together by hand and machine in the traditional postage stamp quilt and roof tile quilting style. Each quilt represents hundreds of hours of design skill and craftsmanship.

Donna Sharp Limited Edition Quilt – Select Signature quilts are released through Donna’s exclusive Limited Edition series. Only 250 quilts and 150 throws are produced for these designs. Each Limited Edition piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that indicates the number of the piece and includes Donna’s signature. In a variety of classic quilting styles from simple patchwork, to the romance of wedding ring quilt styles these heirloom quality, limited quantity quilts and throws are quintessential examples of the Donna Sharp craftmanship and artistry.

Donna Sharp Patchwork Quilts – Patchwork and patch quilts are the most classic of quilting designs and features a mixture of fabrics from two dominant color groups. Donna’s expertise in selecting and blending fabrics of varying tones, textures and scales to create truly beautiful and balanced pieces.

Donna Sharp Theme Quilts –Theme quilts tell a story and paint a picture. Pulling inspiration from nature and recreation, they can sweep you away to a beach bungalow, a mountain cabin or a lighthouse on the coast. Beautiful nautical quilts, beach and lighthouse quilts, to rustic cabin inspired western quilts or bear, moose and deer themed quilts - quilt lovers will tell you that these pieces also bring a room to life.

Donna Sharp Wholecloth Quilts – The beauty of wholecloth quilts lies in the intricate stitching: lines, stipples, circles, ovals, hearts and more. Simple background fabrics are transformed by complex quilting into pieces with both tactile interest and visual appeal. Another benefit of wholecloth quilts is that they can be used year-round. Paired with only a sheet, they’re light enough for summer; layered with a blanket, they’re warm enough for even the coldest winter night.

Donna Sharp Baby & Childrens Quilts – Donna delivers bright colors and bold designs with quilts and accessories for kid and baby. Whether it’s a throw and teddy as a shower gift or an entire ensemble for the new big kid bed, these pieces are all beautiful and FUN!