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Hermle Grandfather Clocks

Founded nearly 100 years ago in the Black Forest by Franz Hermle, the Hermle Clock Company has become the worlds leading producer of German grandfather clocks. Hermle clocks feature stunning finishes on exotic hardwoods and veneers, these exquisite timepieces will become a family heirloom that will be treasured for many generations. Many Hermle grandfather clocks feature ornate gold and silver clock dials with moon phase accents, and polished brass lyre pendulum and weight shells.

THE HERMLE CLOCK COMPANY - Nearly one hundred years ago, Franz Hermle a talented clock maker began manufacturing and selling mechanical clocks. In 1922, Franz Hermle founded the Franz Hermle Clock Company in Gosheim-Wuerttemberg, Germany near the Black Forest. Within ten years the company became known as one of the most modern and efficient manufacturers of clock movements in the clock industry. Franz Hermle and his sons' dedication weathered the effects of World War II and made Franz Hermle and Sohn, prosper while other companies capitulated. The founder, Franz Hermle, died in 1953 and left a modern and prosperous operation to his sons Gebhard, Alfred, Hans and Heinrich Hermle. They have continued to build the Hermle Clock Company into a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of clocks, and mechanical clock movements. Now in its third generation, Franz Hermle and Sohn employs over 500 people in 4 locations in Germany and an additional manufacturing facility, Hermle Black Forest Clocks, in Amherst, Virginia, USA. We export clocks and clock movements to more than 100 countries worldwide and are dedicated to leading the industry in computerized and automated precision manufactured clock parts and mechanical and quartz movements.

  • Hermle offers exceptional quality, superior service and the longest warranty.
  • We manufacture the largest selection of mechanical and quartz movements available anywhere.
  • Hermle is ISO 9002 Certified, proof of our quality.
  • We are the leading manufacturer of dials, pendulums and weight shells.
  • Hermle has manufacturing plants in Germany and the United States that are the most advanced high-tech facilities in the clock industry. Our leadership is your advantage.
  • Hermle products are sold by authorized dealers.
  • Family owned and operated for over 80 years.
  • Every Hermle Clock is equipped with the finest movements available.
  • Hermle movements are the heartbeat of our clocks. They are not only used in our clocks, they are used by the majority of the manufacturers around the world.
  • Proven in millions of clocks.
  • Has this happened to you?Go on vacation.Leave for a weekend.Forget to wind your clock.AND IT STOPS!INTRODUCING Patented mechanical movement Clock keeps perfect time, Automatically winds your clock.Never wind your clock again.Your clock automatically winds on the 4th day.If the power goes out you have a full three-day reserve. Never worry about winding your clock again

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Hermle York Grandfather Clock By Hermle

Hermle York Grandfather Clock By Hermle

Sale Price - $3,872.99
List Price - $4,840.99
Hermle Worcester Grandfather Clock By Hermle

Hermle Worcester Grandfather Clock By Hermle

Sale Price - $5,524.99
List Price - $6,905.99
Hermle St. Francis Oak Grandfather Clock

Hermle St. Francis Oak Grandfather Clock

Sale Price - $3,012.99
List Price - $3,765.99
Hermle Charlottesville Grandfather Clock

Hermle Charlottesville Grandfather Clock

Sale Price - $2,972.99
List Price - $3,715.99