Jackie Twist Bedding

Flippable, switchable and reversible, Jackie Twist bedding by Jackie McFee is fun, creative and fashionable -- transform any kids, teens or fun loving adults bedroom into a vibrant oasis of color. Jackie Twist bed in a bag sets let you go crazy with creativity! You can change the look of your room every time you change your mood. Jackie Twist bedding started with a very simple mission: build a brand that is fun, inspires creativity, embraces individual style and celebrates self expression. In the world of Jackie Twist, things don't match -- matching is mundane and boring -- mixing is fun and color is exciting and cool. Jackie Twist bedding comes in bed in a bag style so you get all the mixing and matching opportunities you need in each package. The comforter reverses, the sheets are flippable, the shams reverse, and all this lets to mix and match to give your room the look you want. Go ahead, take control of your room and make it match your individual style!

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