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Toile Bedding

Classic toile patterns in beautiful colors make our elegant Toile Bedding collections a must-have for your bedroom decor. See for yourself with our eye-catching Toile Bedding patterns. Comforters and comforter sets in our Toile Bedding collections are available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. Use decorator pillows to complete the Toile bedding ensembles with decorative and European Sham pillows. Bring the beautiful designs of our Toile Bedding collections to your whole bedroom with matching draperies and window treatments. Curtains, drapes and valances are available in matching designs and fabrics.

Toile Bedding, Toile Comforter Sets & Toile Bedspreads - No detail is spared in the classic look of our Toile Bedding collections. Each Toile bedding design and color evokes the authentic feel of Toile de Jouy that trickles with uncluttered sophistication on each and every print. Toile, a repetitive series of prints, often times depicting a rustic scene, is generally one color with an Ivory or white background. We have selected the finest Toile designs in both bedding and fabrics.

Toile is not necessarily all about the design, but also about the coloring as well. Different toile color schemes can evoke varying moods and therefore a variety of colors and decorative options are available throughout the Toile Bedding collections, select from Black Toile Bedding, Red Toile Bedding, Pink Toile Bedding, Blue Toile Bedding, Green Toile Bedding.

Victoria Park Black, Blue, Red and Green Toile Bedding ensembles bring a refined atmosphere to any bedroom. Bucolic scenes of every day life in rural nineteenth century France relay a feeling of genuine classiness with an old world feel. Customized check throw pillows and a bed skirt in complimentary colors finish off the toile look. Also, choose from a number of Toile Window Treatments and Shams. For pure simplicity select Waverly's Lightfoot House Bedding with elegant florals and delicate vases in a muted indigo toile. To complement these Toile Comforters, choose from a variety of toile shams, toile bedspreads, bed skirts and draperies. Toile decorative pillows with numerous details like tassels fringe and a varying selection in shapes and finishes off the look.

To create a tailored look, purchase fabrics from any of the Toile Bedding collections so that the possibilities for creation are endless.

Decorating with Toile and Toile Bedding
Toile Bedding Ensembles feature the toile decorative pattern. Toile consists of a white or off-white background on which repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, general of a pastoral theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake. The toile pattern portion consists of a single color to complement the white background, such as black toile, red toile or green toile. Toile is most associated with fabrics (curtains and upholstery in particular), the toile wallpaper is also popular, but in recent years Toile Bedding Collections, Toile Comforters, have become popular.

Toile decorating tips; Toile color ways aren't just about style; they also evoke different emotions. "Blue and white can feel very cool and open", interior designer Millicent Barwick says. "Reds are more dramatic." Accent fabrics and trims can change toile from formal to casual. "Stripes for example, can make toile feel more formal, as can a braided type of enhancement or silk trim." Barwick explains. "Stripes can create a very country French look." Toile with a white background and an airy or wispy pattern can make a room appear more spacious. When it comes to toile, "use as much as possible," interior designer Catherine Callahan advises. "It makes the room cohesive and creates a sense of serenity and proportion. And it looks very finished." "Toile is such a special pattern ," she says. "It should always remain the star of the room. When you pair it with other fabrics , try subtle ginghams, checks, stripes and of course solids." "You can take a small space and wrap it all up in one pleasant pattern," she says, "toiles are the easiest. You can do an all-toile room, or just touches of it. The best thing is, there are no rules -- you determine your own comfort level as far as quantity goes."

We also provide a complete selection of Waverly Toile Fabrics.

Toiles can be used in a room, comfortably playing a mayor or minor role, as you can see here, they can successfully pair up with other patterns. Use them to upholster a sofa or a chair, create a dramatic window treatment, cover the walls or drape the bed. In small touches, toiles are effective as decorative pillows, lamp shades, table skirts and tabletop linens. Decorating with such a dominant design can present a challenge, but if you keep a few basic design principles in mind, you'll find the end results quite rewarding.

When mixing a toile with one or more patterns, keep the same color feeling throughout the space.

Toiles coordinate specially well with checks, stripes and plaids. These geometric designs create a nice balance and help avoid a room becoming too busy.

Some toiles mix well with florals, but not all of them are good partners. Be aware of balance and scale. If both the Toile and the Floral are strong designs, they will fight one another for your attention.

The History of Toile Bedding
The history of toile bedding; Toile, pronounced twal, (the word toile means cloth in French) is an abbreviation of Toile de Jouy. The name comes from Jouy-en-Josas, France where the first plant to commercially produce this type of printing was established in 1760. Typically the images were scenes that told a story. Drawings might retell a myth of a French farming family. Although it has been continuously produced since then, it experienced a marked upsurge in popularity in recent years. Toile Bedding is a timeless French Provencal classic characterized by a monochromatic etching on a solid background. Usually the art work resembles a pen and ink sketch with floral and French country motifs maintaining a lion's share of the market. For more information about toile and the history of toile, we suggest the following links - Waverly - Decorating with Toiles - Wikipedia - Toile - Better Homes & Gardens - Toile Bedding & Decorating with Toile